Wine IoT Insights

AUGUST 3, 2020

RoboBottle Builds Quality into the Bottling Process | Wine Business

G3's ROBOBOTTLES are bottle-shaped devices loaded with sensors that collect real-time data about certain aspects of the bottling line. The Setup RoboB­ottle and Line RoboBottle each collect data inside the screwcapper, and the Oxygen RoboBottle collects data about total package oxygen (TPO) during the bottling process.

JULY 15, 2019​ ​

What is Your Twistcap Telling You?

Twistcap wine is no longer the best kept secret among savvy wine connoisseurs. Customers like caps because they are easy to use; no special tools are needed to open the bottle on romantic getaways and the bottle can be easily resealed.

FEBRUARY 15, 2019

G3 Launches Visionary Open Innovation Project with RoboBottle™ Sensing Device

RoboBottle™​ is the first installment in our plan to actively provide customers with vital information when, where and how they need it to make the best decisions possible for their business,” says John Cunningham, Director of Innovation at G3 Enterprises.


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