G3’s first Open Innovation Lab project is focused on providing screwcap bottling line owners with insights and information to improve their bottling systems with a series of bottling line probes. Meet RoboBottle™!

RoboBottle diagram

There are currently two RoboBottle types available: the Setup RoboBottle and Line RoboBottle. A third oxygen-sensing bottle is also in development.

Setup RoboBottle​ assists mechanics in setting up their capper heads accurately and efficiently, helping to guarantee the cappers function at peak performance.

Line RoboBottle​ monitors performance of your commercial bottling line to instantly address issues with capper heads.

Oxygen RoboBottle​ gives you the information to determine how well your line is managing oxygen and, if necessary, where to focus improvement efforts.

All of the information collected by RoboBottle is sent to BottGuide, a web-based dashboard that takes the data and turns it into actionable insights, allowing a mechanic to fix issues on the line immediately, or escalate it to a manager or line owner.

BottGuide dashboard display shows issues while setting up capper heads

Together with BottGuide, RoboBottle™ is a sensing device bottle and uses advanced sensors, smart technology and IoT analytics to generate critical information and insights from your bottling line.

Through higher efficiencies, lower risk and increased profitability, RoboBottle and BottGuide help to reduce waste and ensure proper bottling for the most popular 30x60 cap-finished bottles.

Schedule an appointment with our Technical Services team to run RoboBottle on your line.

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© 2019 G3 Enterprises